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Mesh Scandinavia

Mesh Scandinavia is an upcoming design studio originating in the southernmost place of the Scandinavian countries, Denmark. With an objective to help new brands find their way, Mesh was founded in 2021 by Magnus Hvidtfeldt.
Driven by curiosity, Mesh takes inspiration from Scandinavian techniques whilst pushing the boundaries to the limit, by not being afraid to create new standards and explore. As a result, their identity is compilated of a contemporary feel, keeping a simple yet daring look. Moreover, a clean composition with both sans- and monospaced typefaces are utilized. The typeface Founders Grotesk designed by Klim Type Foundry was opted for its geometric design and simple letterforms with visual character.
Client: Mesh Scandinavia®
Project: Brand Identity
Year: 2022

Creative Direction
Design Direction

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